Illuminating A Path To Being Pain Free!

After decades of experience internationally we are expanding our reach with an approach that delivers amazing results - this is sure to change your perception, in fact, everybody's perception of pain and injury forever!


Gary On San Diego's Startup Show

We caught up with Gary LIttle, International Pain Specialist, during his U.S. Seminar Tour. I watched Gary reduce my friend's chronic pain in a matter of minutes, and invited him on Startup Show San Diego. Without surgery, drugs, or going to a therapist, my friend's chronic pain was still drastically

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Gary Little - Pain Free That's Me

Acclaimed author, speaker, presenter and International pain & injury expert Gary Little founded Pain Free That's Me so that he could teach a simple - yet unconventional - approach to pain & injury that challenged long held beliefs and delivered amazing results for his clients.

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Proof that you're not broken

There is so much information out there about physical pain and its relationship to our energy flow and emotions, it is easy to be lost and confused - but you are far from 'broken' and our techniques can prove it!

Techniques to get pain free

After 30 years of International experience in the pain and injury field - working with both Elite Professional Athletes and 'Weekend Warriors' - we have devised an unconventional DIY approach that gets amazing results!

Programs to stay pain free

By addressing the root cause and not the symptoms of your pain, our programs deliver a real understanding as to where and why you are experiencing your pain - allowing answers and insights to stay pain free forever!

"I have had chronic pain since I was a teenager, following an accident. This led me to spinal surgery 3 times. I am now in my late '50's ... A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia ... I didn't ever think I would have this feeling of abundant energy again after being so tired for so long ... I sincerely and whole heartedly recommend Gary's Pain Free That's Me workshop and techniques if you are looking for a way to get on top of your pain."

Gillian Bennett

""The most amazing self-therapy procedure ... amazing but very simple. The self-therapy procedure ... is a massive awakening & introduction to taking control of your life.""

Darrin Power

"I am now pain free ... The answer is and has always been that my pain was created by emotional issues ... they no longer have a hold on me - I am free. Thank you Gary, your teachings are amazing and I cannot recommend your program enough!"

Kevin Oliver

Proof That You're Not Broken

In this short video we offer proof that you're not 'broken' with a simple yet profoundly successful instant pain relief technique ... don't take our word for it - see you yourself!

Photo Gallery

Take a peek at just some of the stars that Gary has had the pleasure of working with over the past 20 years